Flagler Museum, Palm Beach, FL

Henry Flagler was a railroad tycoon from the early 20th century. He is best known, among other things, for building the Whitehall mansion for his third wife at South Palm Beach, Florida. The home is now converted to a museum. It is a must-see when you visit Palm Beach. The 100,000 sq. ft building is reminiscent of the gilded-age of the early 20th century where American business flourished and the stock market thrived giving the wealthy an opportunity to show the world that they paralleled the riches of the English and the French from the 17th and 18th century. You can see gilded – gold covered – finishings in all the major rooms, the highlight being the foyer. The museum also houses the coach 91 – the personal coach that Henry Flagler used for his travels. It is housed in a glass covered building adjacent to the home Here are some photographs.


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