The parody of judging friends by Facebook likes

new_facebook_like_640Ever since Facebook was introduced, there is a new way to judge your friends – that is whether or not they like your posts 🙂  Inevitably you fall into the trap first of liking every post. Then you start to decide ‘Should I or should I not?’. This goes on for a while – maybe months. In the meantime, you will revisit some of the same posts and have a second thought – why did or why didn’t I like this post? Trauma, Trauma – needles trauma created in oneself when there are other things to worry about in life. On the other side, friends expect that you like their posts. If you are one of those that didn’t like, then your friendship is at stake 🙂 She didn’t like my post, but liked her post. This also goes on for a long time. The mind forgets that the friend liked a post in the past. Well, past is past. What about the photo I posted yesterday? It is the present moment, son 🙂 What happens now defines the future, right? Ha, Ha. Friendships, long-lasting, are evaluated based on Facebook likes.

So what do you do? How do you tackle this melodrama? One way is to totally ignore all posts and don’t like any of them. Better, get out of Facebook – there are other ways you can get information and stay in touch with friends which has worked for all of human-time except maybe the past 10 years :). Second way it to like them all. But once you have a friend list over 25, that is it! You simply cannot keep up. I envy those who keep up with liking all posts – either they are true friends to everyone (I am being nice) or they just don’t have anything else to do (I am being cynical of course). Third option is randomly like posts but you risk sending wrong message. Fourth option is to come up with a rule, like I have. This will appear random to those who follow you and watch if you like their posts or not, but over a period of time it will be evident.

Good luck with liking 🙂 Hope you become more likable 🙂 But I like every post that my friends post in my heart – this you might not know.

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