Boredom, Learning and Cooking

I learn only very enthusiastically sometimes; happens under boredom. However any other time, learning becomes rote. You see, when I am bored, it makes way for the mind to explore once you recognize you are bored. Then it is fresh of all diversion and sort of empty. Then there is so much space to absorb. Contrast this with compulsion to learn. Everyone hates it when they must learn something to pass some exam or something. So learning becomes fun. This is what happened I happened to get into cooking. I realized cooking can be fun. You can’t just realize something is fun. I guess there needs to be several factors in the environment that will make you have fun. One of them is appreciate from others. This is more important than support. Appreciation fuels your energy and pumps you up. Now, once you get to this part i.e., realizing the fun part, the mind feels like it is part of the stream that is carrying itself forward with nothing need as far as motivation from your side. It is like being in the midst of the water ride on a raging fun-river in the amusement park. You are doing nothing but sitting there but having all the fun. It all started when I first ventured to make granola breakfast cereal. I wanted to make this myself because I had some time. My son was going away to college and he was home for a few weeks. He loves to eat home-made granalo cereal for breakfast that my wife makes. I thought I should fill the gap given she was very busy. Somehow this adventure got me in the groove. Then I cooked sambar for a dinner along with the sambar powder itself.  Many other cooking ventures followed – dates-burfi and today vangibath. Vangibath is a vegetable rice very native to the state of Karnataka with eggplant as the main vegetable. You can add other vegetables like onion and capsicum. I skipped onion and instead of capsicum, I added banana peppers. Both the eggplant and the banana peppers were grown organically in our yard and that is the best part. I got the recipe of an internet site – a tip that helped is to cook the rice so that the grains are separate. This is done by spreading out the cooked rice on a plate for about 15 minutes.  My next cooking venture will be a gojju another favorite for Kannadigas.

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