Set Dosa day

Set Dosa is a favorite of mine – well, it is for anyone from Karnataka. These are spongier than regular dosa and made a bit thicker and smaller. They are eaten with vegetable saagu – a greener version of sambar and less spicier. Both should be eaten hot. I am following the recipe from this site – thanks to Shree-ji!

So my interest in cooking has picked up pace quite a bit. Read the past two blog posts. If you think cooking is a lot of effort, you need to approach it from a different angle. Do you like creativity? If yes, then cooking is one of the most creative hobbies you can develop. As you get to know the ingredients and their effect on the end result, you will start figuring out what the differences can be with variations  of the ingredients or adding new ones. Especially with the gamut of spices available in Indian cooking, it can be a feast of creativity. Indian cooking is a bit forgiving too or in other words it has a decent amount of tolerance-band to it. If you add a bit more of the spice it won’t spoil the broth – so to speak. Just start small and you can get a sense of the quantity.

2016-08-23_162559523_D38F0_iOSYesterday I power-washed our driveway. I had this Husky 1750 we had bought when we moved into our home more than 10 years ago. I probably used it to spring-clean the garage the year after we moved in. Since then it was lying there. A contractor recently did some repair work on our patio and in the process he power-washed the back patio. The result was amazing. Over time you forget what a clean-look is. This applies to everything in life. When you are young, you are so focused on looking good and over time, laxity sets in. With a set environment – be it friends, work but mainly people you interact with – you look over things that you would pay attention earlier. It is like seeing your face in the mirror everyday and it wouldn’t have changed except for those looking at you! The driveway was no different. We had gotten used to it. After about 3-3 1/2 hours over two days, the end result was amazing. I didn’t use soap and there were some really sticky stains. I could see top of the concrete having been blown off leaving small, shallow depressions – much like removing a scab from the skin. Don’t know if this will matter in the long run. But overall, I am with happy with result. You can see the difference in the photo I took mid-way – the path in the top half is the power-washed part.

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