Enjoying a Karaoke party

Snapshot 1 (8-27-2016 11-58 AM)I have been to many karaoke parties. It is a lot of fun. It takes a bit of a mental makeup to have fun in these events too. Ask a professional if she or he likes a karaoke party. I bet most will say no. The reason is there is so much not-so-good singing that happens there. The pros just can’t stand a mistake and they get put off. They want to hear the best always as you see on the reality shows such as ‘The Voice’ or ‘The American Idol’, etc. But a karaoke party is not for pros. It is for the budding singing or the amateur who loves to sing and more than that, have fun singing. In having fun, I mean he or she tries to re-live the moments of the song. Memories of songs surface when one listens to or sings the song. There is a lot that goes on during such immersion, whether singing or listening. It is the process where one gets to have some fun. So when you go to a karaoke party, don’t put on your pro hat or the critique hat. Just tune out of any song that you don’t want to listen. There is always something you can do during such time or somewhere you can go. There will be some good singing you can listen to also. Enjoy that. Moreover, these parties bring those songs you would love to hear back into your mind. Tell me how many songs you love and how often you listen to these. There are a lot of such songs I just don’t listen to anymore for whatever reason – lack of time, newer songs to listen to, etc. Also, during a karaoke party like the ones I go to, there is a lot more happening – meeting good friends, fun conversations, seeing the youngsters show off their amazing talent and other anecdotal stories you get to hear 🙂 It is like any other fun get-together with the addition of some music. I kept the important thing to last. If you enjoy singing, it is an opportunity for yourself to re-live the song or the music. First and foremost is that you have fun singing, whatever. Next aim to impress upon the audience. Impressing upon the audience is a tricky job. You can pick the most complex song and sing very well and the audience won’t be impressed 🙁 Most of the people who attend karaoke parties don’t really come to listen to professional signing. They come to have a good time in hearing something they like. ‘Something they like’ is key here. So pick a song that is popular or tuneful – something the audience can relate to easily. Music is a great part of the performance. Even if you sing badly, good music masks the impact.

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