Labor Day Happenings


Laughable stats!

I was checking stats on my site and found this report laughable. I should say I write because I like to write and not to win audiences. If you want to win audience, you should write about topics they like and not what you like.

2016-09-03_201257454_F552E_iOSHad a great Labor day weekend. Hurricane Hermine certainly wasn’t a damper as I headed to the Belmar beach in South Jersey. The drive was easy with lots of folks off the road on the Saturday. They should have all started their drives the evening before. It took about 90 minutes to get there. The weather was absolutely anti-beach. The wind was very chilly and howling. We just walked up to the water and receded back soon as the sand was blowing onto the skin. With just a T-shirt on I thought ‘what was I thinking?’ There was ‘No swimming’ signs up as the waves were rough and splashing onto the few rocks fronts dispersed across the beach. We stayed on the boardwalk. The few brave souls who were in beach-wear must have been very determined or it should have been their first beach visit. It took an hour before the wind started to subside and the sun sort of stole through the clouds a bit. By this time the crowd had picked up as well with a few running and some roller-blading on the pathway. They should have put up a new boardwalk in the recent past as it was very clean. What was surprising was there were no trash cans anywhere in sight. Wonder how that could be?

2016-09-03_193852915_60D51_iOSWe spent then next couple of hours walking as we did manage to go back to the water. I think I covered about 10k steps. My knees had started to cry out in the past few weeks and my doctor had given me a cortisone injection. He had advised that I don’t do anything intense for one week. Just walking was okay. Among some of the snacks we ate, it was Pista-burfi that I had made. It is very satisfying to get appreciation and the see the consumption of what you cook. I have realized that cooking is not just finding a recipe and following the instructions. There is more to it than presentation as well. It involves the act of giving and caring and these two qualities are imbibed in the act of cooking. That is what making cooking addicting and makes one want to cook more. The effort seems nothing when people appreciate and this fuels the desire to cook. It might be the same with all hobbies that other will consume such as writing, etc. But somehow of all the hobbies I have developed, cooking has given me more satisfaction.

The Guruvayoor Temple in Morganville, NJ is a favorite of ours. It has a very traditional structure and very colorful inside. It is spacious both inside and outside. And the cafeteria is very good though the quality of set dosas – which were my favorite 🙂 – has come down and it has become more expensive at $6 for a set of two. This is close to restaurant prices here. Anyway, it was a good food overall and time well spent with dear friends.

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