My trivia from past few weeks..

I was looking through my blog and right out of the bat, I used to blog just about anything in my life. Be it a visit to a park, or going to a movie or visiting the downtown. Now-a-days, it has been more focused content. Not that I am not doing any of those anymore. I do. Wonder why the change in mindset about what I should blog and what I shouldn’t. Let me think through some of the items I should have blogged about if I were to keep up the same pattern

1) magsevenheaderSaw ‘The Magnificent Seven’ this last weekend. The movie is well made. The director and producers have just about kept only the main storyline intact. Rest of it is all a new look. The charismatic Steve McQueen has been re-done to Denzel Washington. Denzel is a more serious gunslinger. I miss the Charles Bronson toughness in the new movie. Chris Pratt brings along good humor but overall, I think the McQueen movie was more entertaining. The music in the new movie is okay; it was more effective earlier on. Photography is probably the only plus for the 2016 version

2) I love our Samsung plasma TV. But the sound sucks. I had read the review on consumer reports about it, they had rated the sound average. I realize that I invariably turn on closed captions for about any show or movie. This strains my eyes as I end up reading the captions than listening. I decided to put up a sound bar. Costco had a great deal on an LG sound bar – about $60 off. I need to install it this week. The sound bar needs a power source and this is going to be a nuisance as our TV is wall mounted with no wires visible. I plan to take off the TV from its mount, put up a new mount to make space for an extension to the power outlet. Let’s see how this goes.

3) If you are working with well-performing teams, you might get worked-up when the same dynamics don’t work elsewhere i.e., outside of work.  When one invests a lot of thought and energy into something, a lack of response shows apathy and disregard and such inaction shows that one doesn’t care. One would think it is easy to give feedback to many one knows personally, but that just ruins relationships. In these situations, I take the pen and make it a learning lesson on my blog so at least someone reading will benefit.

maxresdefault4)What else did I do or think about? I have a karaoke party coming up.  Among the songs I will be singing is a Udit Narayan-Alka Yagnik song from the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.

5) I will be starting on a new exciting project in the Bay area soon. Can’t name the client yet.

6) Yes, we visited the Swami Narayan Temple in Robbinsville, NJ.  It is an extraordinary temple with amazing carvings – only to be seen to be believed. All in marble. An accompanying structure called the Akshardham is being built, that is supposed to be the biggest religious complex in the world. Keep visiting.


7) The Hoysala restaurant in Somerset, NJ has changed quite a bit since I used to visit it over six years ago while doing a project in the area. The dinner spread Sunday was awesome and food tasted great. The only issue I had was the noise level was very high. The restaurant was crowded with some children running around and playing in the dining area. It is annoying when parents don’t retrain their children in public areas. After all, many come out to enjoy dinner and expect privacies are respected.

8) Our home grown tomatoes have been turning out better now. At the beginning of the season, they had what is called as brown-rot – the bottom used to be rotten just as they were turning red. I researched and add lime to the soil and that seems to have made a difference. The yield of our home-grown garden has been very good with lots of tomatoes, chillies, egg plants, okras. A skunk or some animal has managed to get onto the vegetable bed and has been nipping at the low lying vegetables. Next season, I plan to extend the fence to be all around.

That’s the trivia from past few weeks.

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