Sky High – 2

2016-10-16_13-14-08_863The next morning we leisurely start around 10 am after some non-exciting breakfast at the hotel. We got back onto the skyline drive at Thornton Gap. We took our time at the stops and by 12:00 PM it was getting too late for our next stop which was Rock fish gap and lunch. This was the end of the scenic route on the drive. We skipped the stop and headed towards Natural Bridge. Lunch was at the same restaurant which was on our way on Rt. 81S. The city was Harrisonburg, VA. The Taste of India is a pretty good restaurant with high ratings on Google. The dinner was notable as we were late to the restaurant the previous night and we got some freshly cooked food that late.

2:00 PM and we had just finished lunch. We were supposed to have starting back at this time from Natural Bridge to home at 2:00. We decided to continue to the bridge. Taking the long drive back here again would definitely not be in the near future. Unfortunately the traffic was very heavy and a few accidents slowed up down quite a bit. Waze helped one of the friends take a detour but rest were stuck on the road. Altogether with a couple of delays, we reached the bridge at about 4:00 pm.

2016-10-15_15-29-30_894It was worth driving even late to the spot. The bridge formed totally by nature’s work stand about 200 feet high with massive rock walls on either side of the creek. The setting is very serene. They even have lined up a number of benches much like in a church to sit and take in the surroundings. There is a mile walk from the bridge towards the waterfall. On the way, you stop at a replica of a native Indian village with trading posts, community cooking place and huts. You will have to wonder how the natives lived here amidst harsh winters. They 2016-10-16_13-59-14_793obviously should have loved the place and the peace there. There is abundant water and nature and space to grow grains and vegetables. The mile walk is flat with a couple of flat bridges crossing the water. It was quite a contrast walking the nature and thinking about the mad rush on 81. By the time we finished the walk it was getting close to 5:30. Some of us decided to skip dinner as we had a five hour drive ahead. We would be back home around midnight and I had to take a flight early morning to the other coast. I was certainly eager to get back. I knew I would be very exhausted the next day even though I wasn’t feeling it then. It has taken a quite a while to figure out that driving in a comfortable car for hundreds of miles can be tiring. 🙂

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