The beauty of Integration!

Three weeks since the skyline drive. Life breezes past. I never realized travel can be tiring. Last year I flew almost weekly cross-country and never thought I was tired. During the end of that engagement, I would realize Mondays were horrible as it would start at 5 AM EST and end at 10 PM PST. It would take me a good nights sleep in Tuesdays to get my energy back. This year, I started feeling it right away. I tried as much as possible to catch some sleep on the plane on Monday mornings, but that is a hard thing for me. The seats are so much designed for the taller person; at 5′ 8″ I ain’t tall enough. You see, the neck rest sits right behind the bulge of my skull instead of on the back of my neck. This hurts the neck as I can’t rest it for any sleep.

appletvFor a long time, I have struggled to get a good randomized display of all my 25k+ photos. The digital frame I got does a poor job or circulating through all the many folders. If you attach the photo library on a flash drive to a TV now-a-days, you can only pick a single folder through which it cycles for the slide show. Also recently I was having an annoying time trying to stream contents from my smart phone to the TV. A year back I had an Android and I was satisfied with using chromecast to cast movies from YouTube. To display photos on my phone, I had to download an app, but I could never display all the photos on my computer onto the TV. Come AppleTV into the picture. Apple TV’s integration is pretty seamless now that I have an iPhone. I can stream photos from either my iPhone or my laptop (the 25k+ library) into a really beautiful slide show on my large TV – no more, peering into the 10 inch frame sitting far off on the fireplace.  Looking at your photos on a large screen brings them to life like nothing else – you can practically re-live the moments. Moreover, you can use your photo library to be the screen saver on Apple TV – just what I needed. And you can stream your iTunes music content too. Watching Netflix or YouTube is also a cinch. Wonder why I waited so long to get Apple TV on top of waiting over ten years to get an iPhone. After using Apple products this past year including a MacBook Air, I feel more correct in abandoning the Android products and the fragmented tech ecosystem it has created.

San Francisco must be one of the wealthiest cities in the world with so much wealth from around the silicon valley. What strikes you most as you walk the streets is not the affluence but the homeless on the streets. There are way too numerous that I reminded me of my days in India. I heard a Uber driver mention that there is a $250M budget to deal with these people or to help, to use the right word. He was pointing to corruption that is not addressing the problem. The same issue that left the city with a $50k profit out of the SuperBowl! Imagine that! These stadiums make $50k in parking fees along for a single event and to think that was the profit for the SuperBowl is unbelievable.

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