Certifications March is on!

It is three weeks since I joined Salesforce. It has been amazing so far. The amount of support and enablement is unparalleled. I am first on a certification journey – to get myself highly certified. I finished the first one – Salesforce Admin last week. Looking at my profile I need to knock off four more and then get an additional nine badges. Salesforce has this amazing learning space called Trailhead. It is gamification to the core. You can self train on all topics and as you complete modules, you gain points and badges. You are encouraged to get 150 badges which makes you a Trailblazer. With such a strong preparation, you are facing the client with much more ease. Such training makes it more meaningful for someone like me who has no prior Salesforce experience. I had gotten the Email specialist certification, but beyond not much hands-on experience. In getting Admin certified, I got to know about Salesforce.study site when I joined the Certified Admins chatter group. Anyone can join this group – you have to create an account at www.salesforce.com and you are on your journey to learn about it. Salesforce.study is invaluable resource – it has links to many other sites for each of the study areas along with quizzes and practice tests. This site is a must for anyone wanting to get a Salesforce certification as an Admin or a developer. Early March, I am going to San Francisco to attend the bootcamp and getting to be Salesforce. I can’t wait to finish the learning and get onto an assignment!

Sunset in the desert!

What else! The new President is making life hard for so many people on this planet and without adequate reason. I understand security is of prime importance, but cherry picking some countries and ignoring the ones that are real threats like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other hardcore anti-American countries makes no sense. Fareed Zakharia had a good episode today. He pointed out that the Blue states that elected Hillary contribute over 2.8B to the economy and the Red states are nowhere close. Part of the reason for this the lack of good economy in these red states. Watching an interview on CNN of a couple from midtown America – somewhere in Kentucky, it felt sad that these people have been certainly ignored ever since manufacturing started disappearing from America. The job of the government is certainly to protect jobs for its people and in that sense I am hoping Trump will succeed. The concentration of high paying jobs in some cities and the coast is a major problem which the Government should actively address. Spreading the industry to mid-America and preparing the people there to qualify for these jobs should be a top priority. It is certainly possible in today’s age to have people working anywhere and be productive. The government should encourage the entrepreneurs to open shops outside of San Francisco and New York city and such places.

Building a wall is fine with me as it does address the drug trafficking to some extent. In the process of building the wall, we could uncover those ‘tunnels’ and have vigilant technology aiding the border control personnel. We can do a lot with technology today. Trump needs to be smart about this as he puts things in place to fulfil his promises. Just threatening neighbors and showing poor diplomatic skills won’t help. This is where the IQ comes. He certainly needs to undergo some EQ training as well. As a President you look out for ALL people and not just a few. As a President you should be smart about pin pointing terrorists than spreading a wide blanket and affecting so many more. A lot of crossing fingers for now as we wade through the uncertainty. Hope there isn’t anything catastrophic for the American people to face as she certainly would have antagonized a lot people around the world by the rhetoric. And speaking of rhetoric, where is it when it comes to Russia – the country headed by a murderer and an autocrat. Why should we suck up to a lowly leader?

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