Happenings – w/e 2/11

Passed another Salesforce certification – The Platform App Builder certification. If you have passed the New Admin certification, then you should take this one first before attempting the advanced Admin certification. Lot of content is already covered in the new Admin cert, so it makes sense. Again salesforce.study was invaluable in me preparing for the certification and passing it. The question bank, I should say, is remarkably similar. The site does not have a course for the advanced Admin cert, so I am on my own. Salesforce offers a 4-day course to prepare for this examination and I am taking it next week. I have about 40% of all my certs and badge requirements covered now. The Salesforce site has this tremendous study aid called the Trailhead, which has modules to teach you everything you need to know free of cost. What better option do you need to get started? The help and training section has learning paths that lay out the order of study for each track. Really superb training ground – unlike anything I have seen.

We had the first snowstorm of the season with about 9 inches of snow here. I couldn’t help but write a Facebook post covering the storm and putting myself in the shoes of a Trump-like personality. You can check it out on my FB profile. Watching Bill Maher ridiculing Trump made a lot of sense. Everyone agrees America has to address the problem of terrorism, but how you address is a big deal. Throwing a wide basket that affects hundreds of thousands people is not the solution. As a President, Trump has all the resources he needs to come up with a plan and a solution. He has the best technology available and the sharpest minds willing to help. He needs to address this problem not with gut instincts but with good thought befitting a President. While talking about him, I have to take exception to his attitude so far – I get the impression he hasn’t advanced through the years as America has progressed. With his kind of thinking – isolationism, threats, disrespect, etc – he will sure take America back in ages. And all the more, he hasn’t yet criticized Putin fueling the theory that Russia is indeed in possession of something that can be incriminating against him. So why not come up and take the stance that the western world has always taken against Russia? Even Fox News was appalled that he wouldn’t take exception to Putin. As a President, one has to be inspiring and motivating of people. He should not be divisive and polarizing. At this rate of the gaffes that he has committed, the outrage we see among Republicans across the country, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he falters along the way soon and falters Bigly!!

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