Hard to find, uh?

Was in San Francisco this week for a Salesforce bootcamp. Union Square is probably one of the jazziest shopping areas in the country with all top brands in the square or very close. Work was about 3/4th of a mile away so I got a chance to get some decent walk everyday. Walking on Geary to come up to Market Street. As you walk in the morning, you see a sea of working humanity scurrying to work. Not to mention the many homeless waking up on the sidewalks or tucked in a corner of some building with nothing but cardboard packaging for a mattress.  This turned me inside out, so I stepped into a Corner Cafe and picked up a couple of oatmeal breakfasts hoping to give one away. As I continued walking it wasn’t hard to find one near the subway entrance. Thinking of grabbing breakfast before the session started as I approached  the west tower, I walked by another one. It was about 7:50 AM and close to 11 AM EST. I was well past my breakfast time and I knew I could carry on through the morning. Moreover, you could always find something or the other at work – just reminded me how lucky many of us are and how much eating food is taken for granted. I retraced my steps about 100 feet and handed off the remaining package. As I got into the building I realized I no longer was hungry. Interesting. During lunch I picked up two orders of a veggie bowl at a nearby Chipotle. After finishing my lunch, I thought I can find someone on Mission rather than on the busy Market street, but it wasn’t the case. Mission was as busy. Somehow the busy crowd drives away those seeking shelter or maybe the time of the day dictates the cops to be more vigilant. Mission to 2d Street to Market to Freemont and beyond. My arms started feeling the weight and it was getting close to the session restart. I had to walk in a stow the food away in the refrigerator. I was hoping I can finish my deed on the way back to the hotel after work, but yet again I wasn’t successful. Somehow I walked past a couple because the many people around made me conscious. I might have better luck during my dinner walk.


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