Back on the feet

After months of inactivity or low activity, this weekend was an active one. Yesterday, I ventured out to Valley Forge park in the evening. I wanted to get to the Norristown State Farm but missed the right turn and headed out to Valley Forge. It was about 6:30 pm when I got there. It was chilly though the temperature reading was mid 50s. Not many walkers surprisingly for such a beautiful day. Maybe it was the dinner time. I did part of the outer loop starting from t

Near the bastions awaiting the sunset

The National flag was at half-mast

Turning back from the pillared roadway near the back of the park

he first huts and all the way to the two pillars at the back of the park. I found a few cars parked behind the Arch and the occasional iPhone photographer. 45 minutes and 2+ miles was a good start to the weekend. Today, after lunch, I couldn’t resist forgoing the beautiful bright sunny day. It was much warmer as I parked at the Norristown state park, this time I didn’t miss any turns. The parking lot was almost full and lot more people and children on bikes. The entire 4.5 mile loop took me about 85 minutes with a brief stop at the creek. A few were enjoying fishing. I made a mental note that I should be back to the park more this year and definitely during summer when they have live music in the evenings.


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