Late in the game

Well, after nearly 25 years into the career, I am into some serious studying. I have recently passed four Salesforce certifications and completed two internal badges. These badges are real life scenarios that I needed to solution as a Program Architect. These were very educating and time well spent. I took almost 60-80 hours per badge studying, researching, modeling, solving and presenting my solution to an expert panel. Think of defending a thesis in front of a more knowledgeable audience. Certainly wasn’t easy given there could be multiple solution paths and requirements weren’t that elaborate. You need to make assumptions and you are not permitted to seek clarifications. In the Salesforce world, I learnt something that I hadn’t while preparing for four of the certification including advanced admin and certified app builder. Now that I am done with these 4+2, I still have two more certs and at least two more badges before I start client work. Afterwards, it is no end to studying. I am on path to get my Certified Technical Architect certification which is a big deal in the industry. It opens up many opportunities. That is one great thing about working for the company, there is a lot of opportunities and challenges you can seek. Quite different from my previous jobs where enablement was lacking while opportunities and challenges were not that earmarked.

We had hosted a new year party at our home – lots of guests to accommodate. It becomes a sensitive issue cherry picking who should attend especially when we were hosting back-to-back parties. The ones that we invited to the second party would definitely have wondered or even felt left out, but it left us with no choice. We were able to group into two with similar interests and much more common friends. Hopefully next year we will be able to accommodate everyone even if there is a pinch for space!

I also restarted teaching yoga to some friends and it is a welcome change that I hope to continue. While my private practice has become much more consistent, teaching had taken a step back. I was exploring opportunities to volunteer teach, instead I found an opportunity to volunteer at the local library helping our tech-averse people get mundane things done with technology. I didn’t know that I needed to get FBI clearance and criminal history checks done for a volunteering opportunity. Salesforce is also big into volunteering and hence this re-surfaced my interest to volunteer. Salesforce is big in terms of personal well being and we have a 4M miles challenge for the company this year. Last year, we surpassed 3M miles. Here are my stats so far – about five-six weeks into the challenge.


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