Fitbit or Apple Watch?

The winner is very clear – Apple Watch. Some might like the simplicity of the Fitbit – it does show the steps, calories burnt, date, time, notifications, etc. And the form factor makes it blend with the wrist better than the Apple Watch. But the Apple Watch does a gazillion things that Fitbit can’t do. First off, the activity app on the iPhone is just super. It is colorful – color coded and has more intelligence built into it. It can challenge you more than the Fitbit. For e.g., you go out for a walk, the watch doesn’t even count it as an exercise if the heart rate going beyond normal. Makes perfect sense to me. The dreaded middle ring as it is known. Among other things the Watch

  • Tells you the weather currently; and if you tap it gives you a 10-day forecast in a neat way from It can tell the weather at your other favorite cities as well
  • A very customizable face. Watch can be many types of analog or digital and pretty much each face has 3-4 customizable areas where you can add functionality such as weather, activity, world clock, etc. Many apps on the watch can show up in these corners, one of them being the TV remote using which you can control Apple TV. No more fumbling for that uncomfortably sleek Apple TV remote.
  • check your heart rate
  • remind you to stand up or breathe. The breathe app is pretty simple but cool walking you through the process of breathing. Yea, it sounds redundant until you follow it and realize how much you are NOT breathing.
  • I don’t have to list all the features, but here is a cool article on many of the things the watch can do.

You can read messages very clearly without having to squint at it, you can write messages out with your hand and the recognition is pretty accurate. Now, some might say why one more device? Well, the smart phone is pretty sufficient i.e., as long as you carry it on your body. Say you are a professional who can’t carry on your body for whatever reason. It might be that you don’t wear the kind of clothing with pockets needed or you don’t like the bulk on you. The watch is extremely useful in an emergency when someone is trying to contact you and you don’t have your phone handy. This happens all the time with my wife. She is busy at her work having left her phone away on a not so close-by desk. Now, I can reach her with much more assurance that she can get my message.

Also remember when you went out for that walk and forgot to get the phone. Now how will you track your steps? The watch is your solution. For many people, a smart watch or even a smart phone isn’t necessary but for those of us who want to be connected and connected with information, the smart watch has a place. Target, Macy’s and Best Buy had a deal where they were selling the Apple Watch Series 1 for $199. That is a good $70 off retail price! I considered the difference between the series 1 and series 2. Series 2 has all the features of series 1 and is waterproof and has a built-in GPS. How often do I swim and how important is it that you track your swims? I don’t and it isn’t important to me. Secondly, the GPS isn’t a bid deal either, my phone will be with me anyway. So, if you are like me, you should think of getting one soon. Even when you are at a meeting and can’t look at your phone, you can discreetly look at your watch for that important message you were waiting for!

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