Prescriptive but unreasonable

When you are into consulting, prescriptive is the word you need to follow. Don’t ask your client, but tell them what to do. That’s what they are paying you for. Dealt with a tough client for my first assignment. Someone who wouldn’t want to pay what it is worth but wanted to get all the problems solved. After a week’s worth of work, I had to step off and the story continued with each person involved finding a new requirement making the client challenge the earlier solution. Very stressful to deal as a first project in a new company. My second client is a startup. Lots of work to do here.

Last weekend the rain washed off the planned hike. It was going to be the Andorra’s walk in central Philadelphia. However this weekend, I was able to make it. Though it rained a bit the previous night and a little in the morning, prompting some to call off their earlier determination, we started off. It was a thirty minute drive from home. The starting point was the Valley Green Inn. Plenty of parking. The first leg was heading south towards Northwestern avenue which counted to about 5.5 miles round trip. The air was humid but the almost covered path made it easier. The overnight rains had the Wissahickon creek gushing in rapids. Many sights along the way including a 250 year old bridge which was reconstructed. Many joggers and runners we met, but one really cute year old who probably was on her first hike. She looked around and said ‘Hai’, smiled big, and said ‘ba-bye’. That was the highlight of the walk. We made it back to the inn and headed north for another 3 mile round trip to make it a 8.5 mile walk. I didn’t think it was difficult but after coming back home, had a sound nap and woke up with an aching body. It was worth getting up in the morning on a Saturday morning. I covered about 23k steps for the day, but my Apple Watch gave me credit for only 14 minutes of exercise. Can’t really follow the logic behind the calculation.

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