The power of Suggestions to the Unconscious

Beautiful Fall day hike at Green Lane park!

You need to pity those who don’t love and foster hatred. Teach them what it is to feel the love and happiness. Something along these lines from one of my favorite movie and book series – Harry Potter. One-up-manship is a rat race that gets you nowhere; collaboration and mutual success gets you lots of love, respect and admiration.

Do you get nightmares? If you get it often then read on. People might get nightmares for different reasons. But first, if you need to get nightmares or dreams you should be able to sleep well. If you are finding it hard to sleep, you need to try Focus meditation before sleeping. A whole new world opens up once you are caught up recuperating. Then it is the body’s mechanism wanting to wake you up and that is when you see those wonderful dreams or not so wonderful nightmares. Which brings me to the point. My nightmares have all been about my body wanting to wake me up. If I have too much covering on my myself, the body will resent it. Those days when I go to bed with my sweatpants on and then there is the blanket, the comforter and sometime even the bed cover on me. Way too much for the body to handle! When I go to sleep I was so tired I didn’t notice all of these. So, parts of the body start to react and it get uncomfortable. Have you felt the beads of sweat on a cold night. More likely than not you didn’t plan your sleep. Or those days when those toes stick out of the coverings and get exposed to the energy-saving-68-degree-heat. That is cold over a long time for a part of the body to be exposed. This is when things start to happen. The human body is incredibly designed like nothing ever that man can design. It can sense discomfort and tell its owner to start listening if he or she isn’t. You know we spend so much thought and effort into building one simple sensor that triggers off the air conditioner when the temperature goes beyond a threshold. Imagine what it will take to have such sensors built all over your body just to recognize change in heat. Add to it, the body will need to tell you to when cough, when to pee, when to go to sleep, when to relax, and when to do so many zillion things!

So coming back to that little discomfort the toes felt when rest of the body was cozy. And then you aren’t awake or paying any kind of attention. You know how angry or annoyed your spouse gets when you are sitting in the passenger seat and texting to your friends or sending that must-go email to your colleagues when he/she is driving? She can retort and get your attention. But the human body knows not to jerk you up from sleep. So it starts to introduce visions just good enough to scare you into an awakening! There I  am now up and taking note of getting comfortable again getting back to sleep. At least this is what my body does.

My nightmares have been real scary. First I see something that is interesting or I am drawn into some space like a room looking for something. I see the faint resemblance of a person.  Curiosity then builds up. As I approach there is palpable tension. I am starting to find out it isn’t what I wanted to see. I start to get scared but then I somehow can’t disassociate myself and draw back or run away. I felt drawn to this thing (not a person anymore). I resist. I start to panic now. At this point I am in the process of awakening.  And this is when I get slammed. Something in my dream, suddenly transforms itself into something so sudden and unexpected that I am really scared. I tried to scream and this is when I wake up.

After having gone through many thousand such nightmares over the past few decades, I started to wonder why does this happen. It took me a long time to realize that I was in some sort of discomfort after I woke up. Sometimes it was as simple as a tight nightdress which was tight when I went to bed. I wore socks to go to bed only the past few years after I realized my feet would get cold; such a simple thing and it took me years to figure out. Or I wore too much on me that produced a sweat or I drank too much water after dinner. Almost silly reasons, but the body can’t handle it.

So one day or night after I woke up from a nightmare and having realized it was my body’s mechanism to tell me of a discomfort, I got angry at my physical being. While I was still mostly-asleep, I asked myself – Hey why do you have to scare me to death to tell me of a little discomfort? Don’t you have some other way of telling me so? If you are so smart to recognize even the smallest of discomforts, you should be smart enough to let me know in a better way. Believe me or not, for the next many months I didn’t get any nightmares. The way it worked was different. I would wake up feeling the discomfort in a more pronounced manner and having a hard time getting to sleep.

See what I did? I knowingly or unknowingly used the power of auto-suggestion to the unconscious mind and it is a really powerful way to alter your thinking and go about what you want to accomplish. Next time you awake yourself from sleep but not fully awake, tell you conscious what you want to focus on or better, challenge it to help you. That is when it listens and you will see the change.



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