Believe in….

Your belief in you should increase with every action.

You have heard the phrase Believe in Yourself. It ain’t easy to realize this. And it takes a long time to believe in yourself. Assuming you do the right things always, you can get there much earlier than someone else who doesn’t. Sundays can sometimes be bad – because of the anticipation. And the past can make you anxious. With this, everyone’s action can be misread easily. When you don’t have a clear mind, the chances that you mis-interpret someone else’s action is very high. With the cloudiness, your perception takes over more than the actual intent. This is where your belief comes in. The past that you went through should give you confidence that you can go past this hump. Much like a volatile stock market, our emotions can be way too up or way too down. In such situations, it is important to believe that you can get through and with that belief you should control your emotions. You get through like this a few times and you will become so confident that anxiety has no place in the heart or the mind.

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