Subaru 2017 Outback is great for four-and-a-half stars

I would give five stars to the vehicle. Some call it a car, some call it an SUV (Subaru themselves) and some call it a cross-over. Whatever it is referred to as, it an awesome car. It’s AWD is phenomenal and is the standard against which other AWDs are compared with. It has headroom much like a truck. The rear seating is spacious and can seat three adults comfortably. The off-roading capabilities are legendary for a passenger vehicle and safety features are class and industry leading. After driving 12k miles in less than 9 months, I think it is the best car purchase we have made without blinking an eye for the money spent. It does have some minor negatives.

  1. The accelerator pedal is too close to the wall of the foot well. This means on longer journeys i.e., greater than 2 hours, I can’t really position my heel a bit to either side. I cannot position to the right and if I do to the left, then my control of the gas pedal becomes awkward
  2. The GPS system is a bit whacky and interface is counter-intuitive. It takes more clicks than say Google maps to do what you want. And the route somehow has a tendency to ‘stick’ to the original even if you purposely take a different route. That is instead of recalculating the route, the GPS keeps insisting on going back to the original route. This has happened a few times to me. And compared to Google maps, the route sometimes veers off the ‘main’ roads.
  3. The temperate control needs work. I need to turn the temperature way down to low 60s for the system to start blowing cooler air, else I can feel hot air blowing in. I think the system overcompensates at first based off the difference in temperature between the inside and outside.
  4. The low tire pressure indicator, I found, is a bit over-sensitive. After filling up air, I would see the low tire pressure indicator with 24-48 hours. The dealer said it was because of the freezing temperatures outside. Thinking about it, our other cars did not have such a monitoring system and probably we never knew we were low on tire pressure until visibly noticeable.

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