Take the right photos at a Social event

As a photographer, you have a responsibility when you are shooting social events. Some tips are

  • Ask permission each and every time to take a snap (exception below); get all the subject’s attention saying something like ‘Hey Guys, …..’ or wave your hand overhead as you look into the viewfinder
  • Make sure everyone is looking at the camera and only then click
  • Do not publish a photo if every one in the photo is not looking at the camera unless you are capturing a special moment
  • Look out for those bug-a-boos such as part of the head cut off, or someone’s hand sticking into the frame even though they aren’t a subject
  • There should be a sense of balance when you look at it. This is subjective, of course. Photos with people tend to be off-balance when the subjects are dispersed in the photo and doing different things, for example
  • Food on one’s plate, unless is well-arranged should never be part of the frame. A purposeful shot of food, say, before someone starts eating can make an interesting shot.
  • Avoid snapping photos are someone is putting food into their mouth
  • With smart phone cameras starting to displace the consumer/prosumer cameras, you should notice that a lot of areas is compressed into the shot, which makes it uninteresting due to lack of details. A landscape shot is okay with a smart phone, but aim the same lens on a party and the photo appears to have a lack of purpose.
  • In the end, you responsibility as a photographer at a social event, is to make each and all look great in a photo. It involves spending time to edit the snaps before publishing.

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