Watering the Drought

Tohickon Creek State Park, NJ

It has been nearly three months since I blogged last. It is not that nothing much has happened, but it is just that I didn’t feel that there was much to write about. The constant struggle mentally these past days has been about work.  Enough said!  The Spring started with the goal of an outdoor hike every week. The weather hasn’t been very cooperative this year, with rains or chilly weather on weekend even into June. I managed to get a good one at Tohicon Creek State Park. The park was empty on that Sunday evening, mainly due to the sudden drop in temperature. One or two loners were set on camping the night out as we could see.

The Mt. Misery trail at Valley Forge is always a good one that gives

A picturesque spot along the Valley Creek trail on the way back from Mt.Misery Trail

you a good workout in 90 minutes – it is not your typical outdoor walk.  It is a steep climb initially if you choose to the path instead of going around the Valley Creek trail along the water. The Outer loop is a good 5 1/2 miles of walking with great open space. The Park administration should now be strapped for cash as this year I am seeing the grass not being moved. The pavement in front of the arch is starting to show its age with lack of maintenance.

Unfortunate that the Federal government decided Parks & Recreation is not a priority to keep up the physical and mental health of its citizens.

Mother’s Day is that time of the year now when I need to have finished setting up the vegetable path. Last year, the tomatoes didn’t yield well and so I put quite a bit of compost and some new soil. I also spaced the tomatoes out more than 1 1/2 feet out as I had read that these plants need to be further apart than the 1×1 space I had given. However, a friend of mine said the closer the tomatoes are, they self-pollinate better and this is what they do at orchards. Egg plants, Cucumbers and Green peppers made up for the variety.

Pennypack Trail, Huntington Valley, Philly

Yesterday, I did the River Walk. At about six miles it was a good (nearly) 2 hours of brisk walking and I burnt a record number of 1000+ calories for the day. The hot sun kept the people off the trail, but the path is well covered by the canopy of trees. It was a sight to see the Schuylkill  river flowing at great strength. A couple of kayakers were getting trained on the upstream. Started after 6:30 from home and by the time we finished, it was nearly dusk. The ranger wasn’t there to be seen yet; thankfully I didn’t have to explain for a second time. Last year, I got into he Norristown Farm Park a bit late in the afternoon and it was dark when I finished. I had to spend five minutes explaining to the Park ranger why I was late. To my defense, there was still another car parked and he had to hold off his mind from speaking out fully.

Pennypack Trail, Huntington Valley, Philly

Last week was the pick of the hikes. We ventured out to Pennypack trail in NE Philly. I had read about this for a few years now. The fact that it was in an urban setting and some reports of uncivil elements had kept me from taking a step out there. Boy, did I have to wait this long. It is an outstanding trail and the creek all along adds to the beauty of the space. In one word, the trail is just charming. You come across an old post office that is still functioning and a few private homes that enjoy sitting atop the rustling stream. The water was running high due to the recent rains and the creek along the path made for a pleasant environment for the two hours.

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