Healthy at 100

The book by John Robbins is worth reading. In the book, the author highlights  several ethnic people across the world that live long and importantly healthy in their final years. The key is a mostly vegetarian diet based off of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Their active life due to the geography where they live which mostly mountainous also is a huge contributor. The other notable points is the societies treat elderly with respect and not those who are neglected. In fact, the older one grows, the more respect they earn. Quality of relationships with others is also a contributing factor to their happiness. The author also discusses the effect of modern lifestyle and modern food on the younger generation and the stark contrast in health between the generations.  Dr. Dean Ornish’s work of lifestyle changes to combat heart problems is another highlight; this program mainly focuses on plant-based food. Other stellar examples of people being very active well into their 100s are worth reading about. One striking example of a 96-year-old Japanese Karate master who defeated another master about 60 years younger on the Jan 1st, 2000.

As with any book purporting a particular theme or belief, there are many critical of the book. These critics quote selective research as one drawback of the book and argue about the role of meat in contributing to good health. You do the research and make your own opinion, but coming from a vegetarian hereditary and having seen many old and healthy elders in the family, I am pretty convinced a vegetarian based diet and supplements to boost any deficiencies is sufficient for good health in old ages. Even with a plant-based diet, one can abuse the body eating fried food or foods that are high in saturated fat or consuming the deadliest enemy of modern-day health – sugar. However, what you eat defines the nature of your health.

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