About me

Hi, This is Ash Aragam. This blog is a recording of my experiences with life. Payana means a journey in Kannada, which is my mother tongue. Kannada is the state language of the state of Karnataka in Southern India, a land of some of the warmest, most hospitable people you can find. It’s capital is the city of Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore. Bangalore is now considered the Silicon Valley of the Asia and is home to most major corporations across the world.

This blog is a journal for my own record keeping sake. I heard a saying, ‘A life not recorded, is not worth a life lived’ and that drove me to blog my experiences.Some of my interests are writing, photography, yoga, spirituality, outdoors and singing. All these hobbies are a way of releasing my energy and I hope you do find something useful. If you like something on the blog, do leave a comment. Take care.

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